The Untermensch
The Inferior of Society, the Drones, the Sheep

By Vexen Crabtree 2004

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Satanism happily sails alongside Nietzschean philosophy with the embrace of the very simple idea that some people are better than others. The Ubermensch (over-men, over super-men) is the name given to the elite; those who (mostly through willpower and effort) stand aside from the crowd, and who make their lives meaningful in a manner that does not involve seeking accolades from others. The opposite are the Untermensch (underlings), who fulfil predictable roles in society and who remain tied to their own cultural and personal limitations.

1. The Untermensch

Multitude, n. A crowd. [...] A multitude is as wise as its wisest member if it obey him; if not, it is no wiser than its most foolish.

"The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce (1967)1

The untermensch are the under-people: the followers of society, those who not only limit themselves to following the status quo, but who could not deviate from this even if they wanted to. They are the stupid, the weak, the parasites on society. But more than that: They're also numerically superior by far. Nearly always due to factors beyond their control; upbringing, inherited traits, unfortunate personalities, lack of intelligence in general, etc, they are closed-up, limited, the slave-class, the workers and dull majority of organized society. Sometimes they can be trained, mostly they are generally employable using their specific skills, but in total they are limited to specific tasks using particular skills, excelling at nothing and merely carrying-on existing society. Some are underperformers, some are basically disabled, some are hopeless. These are the untermensch. But some are not, some can escape. These have potential. Some naturally rise up to become great men, some need to be prompted, but in either case this page is about all of them, the untermensch, slave-classes, the low.

2. The Naturally Stupid


There are Satanists who are rubbish at all sorts of things. Some are lost with computers or hopeless at managing money. Put me in a well-stocked kitchen, and observe me fumble around cluelessly! But on the whole most Satanists excel at something and are generally competent to master any particular task, trade or skill that they put their minds to. Some do better in physical roles, others in mental, others in societal, just the same as with anyone.

There are naturally stupid people who are inferior in most aspects of their lives, possessing not willpower, strength, mental flexibility, who are completely bound by cultural assumptions and tied to closed-minded and shallow behaviour. Unable to escape due to a combination of unfortunate genes and limiting upbringing; these naturally stupid people can never be called Satanists. Such people are exploited by TV, radio, mass media and advertisements into spending their time and money running through mazes of commercialist lure and populist lore, a never-ending slave to the systems that are perfectly tuned to keeping stupid people occupied. These types make me the largest single group of people in every country. If these types of people embrace Satanism, they only embrace the horrifically shallow diabolism as found in popular films.

Natural stupidity is a disability. Disabilities can be caused by genetics but also upbringing can cause mental disabilities including intellectual inferiority, just the same as it can cause physical deformity or psychosis. Upbringing, diet, abuse, a family-wide culture of stupidity, as well as inherited factors, all have an effect. It is unfortunate, but although many of the people involved do not have much a say in the way they were brought up or the genes they inherit, it nonetheless makes them unsuitable for Satanic traditions. But once again I remind us not to forget the many who break free of their upbringing, rebel against societal inhibitions, and although intellectually, mentally or physically disabled find the strength in themselves to fight a good fight and live a hard life. This latter category of people are, of course, quite capable of respectfully calling themselves Satanists.

3. Religious Intolerance of the Disabled

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It is Christian mythology that disabilities and physical imperfections are the result of sin. This is probably one of the most deeply damaging and hurtful misguided theories to ever force on those who are disabled; this particular negative psychological cycle is the most damaging for people who need encouragement to fight back hard, not condemnation and pressure to submit to their own troubles; guilt complexes and the white light theology that surrounds them have been the source of many Christian-led, Muslim-led, Hindu-led inhumanities against disabled people.

As such actual persecution, torture and killing of those with various disabilities (included in which is simply the sin of being left handed!), from autism to physical mutations, have been actively instigated by the major churches, especially by the Christian churches during the Dark Ages; a hard-to-overlook period of some hundreds of years of oppression. If you are looking for an inhumane treatment of the disabled, Satanism is nothing in declaring that many of them are terminally inferior, compared to the religions that teach that physical imperfection is due to sin, personal weakness and ungodliness.

4. What to do with the Inferior

There is no solution to the existence of inferior people. By definition, half of all people will be below average intelligence, and only a few can be the elite. The untermensch will always be there and it is difficult to imagine any present day society that could cope with losing its slave population. Mass-media entertainment, religion, popular spectator sports, sensationalized news and all kinds of things keep the hordes busy. Without keeping them busy they would get destructively bored, restless, causing the havoc that they're prone to cause when they are without their petty interests.

The disabled and the mentally slow who try hard, just like any other person who tries hard and therefore succeeds, are as worthy as any other person. Those who do not try, however, are the lowest untermensch, parasites on society. But I know that society needs the low, the inferior, and we need them to remain captivated by TV, football, popular sports, and the other endless distractions and games that keep them occupied; playing the parts of commercial pawns keeping economies going in the way we're used to.

The only thing to do with such people is constantly move among them, probe them, searching for the intelligent and raising them up, searching for the strong and bringing them to a more sensible frame of mind, and slowly try to educate the rest bit by bit. It is painful and saddening to watch the state of most of their lives, and difficult to accept that most of them are beyond help. But that's the truth of the matter. Education and social change offer glimmers of hope but history shows us that no society has ever educated sufficiently to remove the inevitably massive population of the untermensch.

Often they are only partially trapped by their religious upbringing, ever wondering but not possessing the experience or momentum to break free. Some cannot break free, their herd mentality will keep them trapped forever. Some escape and never look back, leading a normal secular life. Some will flower and become great and powerful, wondering how they ever failed to see the way out. Sometimes the enlightenment of Lucifer is hidden, hard to see, a person is thinking outside of the box but not entirely aware of their own intelligence, not quite sure. When shown that they're not going astray, but finding a way out, they will expand to become a full human being and not the enslaved creature they were before. Most religion stunts the mind of most people, stifles growth and limits humanity. A great person, trapped, sometimes just requires a little hint, a little push, and the process of their release is sped up by years.

But many will not react and often you can spot them immediately. The mundanes who almost refuse to approach any train of thought that is not what they see on TV... these are the hardcore inferior untermensch. Not the backbone of society, not its brains or flesh, but its automated chemistry running predetermined tracks through life. Human meat barely more innovative than any Pavlovian behaviour. But development of great things is aided by the mindless efforts of monkeys pressing buttons and remaining caged: in any methodical science the manual workers and textbook students make life easier for the innovators.

Where the untermensch can be persuaded to perform consistent work for a worthwhile company, they have a use. We can't just wipe them out, nor even tell accurately who might be able to shine up, and who is literally worthless and dull. So they exist, we exist, and the gulf between the untermensch and ubermensch is always there; oppositely charged, each repulsed by the other. The untermensch are repulsed by elitism, by capable, strong, successful and responsible people, and the supermen and elite are repulsed by the brainless, herd-mentality, pointlessness of the slave existence of the masses of mankind. Mutual dislike, but still bridged by some open-hearted friendships and working acquaintances because at the end of the day we're all human and do actually want to get on peacefully in spite of differences.

It is difficult, when faced with mobs, uneducated and pathetic Human beings with no sense of social responsibility or of self-improvement, to not wish they would die. But, if so many people curled up and died, society would break down. I believe that there will always be the untermensch, the inferior Human beings, and that they will be numerically superior. As such, I believe it is more important for the elite, and whoever includes himself amongst them, to be publically humble.

This means: learning how to deal with people. This is harder than becoming bitter and hateful. It is harder, and more rewarding, to be able to mingle, fit in and be calm within society. The true ubermensch, who have risen above their own cultures, knows, like a vampire, that it is better to use these people than it is to oppose them. That's what the religions of the world do very well, because they have it right: The untermensch will not rise, not improve, and are only ever pacified into accepting the status quo, or led under charismatic leaders.

What those charismatic leaders do, the ones who lead mankind (for better or for worse), is learn how to control the people on their own terms. To be above them, yet part of them, to be elite, yet humble: appear normal!

"Satanism and Elitism: The Alien Elite: 5.1. Improve Them?" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)