The Book of Satan 1:5-7

By Vexen Crabtree 2006

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Introduction to The 4 Books of the Satanic Bible

The Book Of Satan - The first book in the Satanic Bible

Book Of Satan 1:1-4 - The first 4 verses of chapter 1

Book of Satan 1:5-7 - Verses 4 to 7 of chapter 1

1. The Book of Satan 1:5

Before none of your printed idols
do I bend in acquiescence,
and he who saith "thou shalt" to me
is my mortal foe!5

The first four versus of the Book of Satan saw a declaration of the coldness of harsh reality and a strong voice proclaiming the dominance of the strong. Humankind is lost, confused and bewildered. A result of our confusion is our morality and beliefs in religious laws and gods. All this, states verse 4, must be questioned and doubted.

So verse 5 continues with a defiant statement of independence from the mass delusions of humankind. No dogma or stated truths, no matter how popular or authoritative, should be accepted: "Before none of your printed idols do I [automatically accept]". To bend or bow before common idols - be they scientific theories, social mores or religious dogmas - is to compromise yourself to weakness and intellectual laziness. The best method, the strong way, is to question and doubt everything. Anything you think you know you must never put beyond doubt. That is the Satanic way.

Modern-day "printed idols" might not only include the same-old religious textbooks that try to apply age-old mystical nonsense to the modern world, but also applies to the idols of popular fashion. The sheep hold up football, Hollywood stars, flags and other things as idols; the Satanist does not merely go against the flow but forges his own new ways. If a Satanist likes popular things such as football, then he likes it on his own terms: He does not acquiesce to popular mores, but selects them or rejects them consciously.

In this defiant and stubbornly cynical manner, the final statement is that he who says "thou shalt" to a Satanist, is his mortal foe! Satanists as we have seen do not easily become persuaded. So those who say "thou shalt" or "this is so", basing their commands on religious dogma or social taboos, are representing the worst of the non-thinking sheepish behaviour of mankind. This is to be resisted above all else! The religious idols of history, the "thou shalts" and printed laws of dogma and superstition; these commandments of Christians, Muslims and every other doctrinal religion, have been the cause of countless wars and bloodshed. People who follow without asking "the whys and wherefores" (see The Book of Satan 1:4) are the worst sheep: Such people facilitate the murderous regimes of Hitler, fundamentalist Islam, fundamentalist Christianity... those are our mortal foes!

2. The Book of Satan 1:6-7

I dip my finger in the watery blood
of your impotent mad redeemer,
and write over his thorn-torn brow:
The TRUE prince of evil - the king of the slaves!6

No hoary falsehood shall be a truth to me;
no stifling dogma shall encramp my pen!7

Some religions have a "redeemer" (Jesus Christ, for Christians) or an "intercessor" (Muhammad, for Muslims). But anyone who claims to be able to reform humankind - be it by forgiving sins or revealing laws - is surely hopelessly insane. Mankind is inherently conforming, any gains in society now can be lost later to regression. No, what religious prophets really are is another form of control and brainwashing. As soon as you have a "faithful" rather than a supporter base, then you have a cult rather than a good idea. If someone says "thou shalt" and can get away with murder, like Moses in the Old Testament or thousands of murderous Christians during the dark ages, then in those cases you have an army of braindead cultists, not a "redeemed" mankind, but an enslaved one.

When you have devotion to religious ideas or people who are mentally lazy, then dogmatic half-truths and metaphors can become what people believe to be literal truth. Science was suppressed by religious superstition in the Dark Ages, as Christianity took over all places of education and subsumed authority; in the Middle East Arab countries have regressed backwards into their own dark ages as a result of religious fundamentalists forcing archaic and luddite rules onto entire countries. Religious dogma stifles science, thought, humanity and above all, free expression of ideas. It is one of the highest Satanic sentiments that not only should religion never restrict what avenues we can discuss and research, but that we should actively fight against any religion that restricts free speech! The undercurrent of "no stifling dogma shall encramp my pen!" reads more like: I will actively write on subjects that religious people daren't!