Satanic Testimony by Donna Black

By Donna Black 2001


Name: Donna Black
Location:Worcs, UK
Hobbies:Learning and laughing
Bio:I've done everything I wanted to and more besides, and will continue to do so.

Well, I think I was born this way too. Everyone says I was a strange little girl. My mother says I was asking questions about death, sex and witchcraft from the age of three. I got into horror, too, at an early age and was considered 'psychic' by family and friends. We lived in a haunted house near Avebury at one point which stirred my interest in all things 'weird' and 'occult'. When we lived in Singapore our neighbours had an exorcism and I got to see the 'Thaipusam' festival. That's a parade of flesh and mind over matter. People swinging from hooks in their flesh and skewers in their faces. That kinda thing (great stuff for a child like myself!)

Anyhow from the horror I got into the occult in my mid-teens. More good old-fashioned 'black magic' it has to be said. And witchcraft too. Then about 7yrs ago I found 'The Satanic Bible' in a second-hand bookshop. I thought 'well finally someone who thinks like I do.' I didn't join the CoS until earlier this year though, as I finally got sick of non-Satanic company.