The Satanic Testimony of @stolath

By Astolath 2002


I am Astolath, sometimes @stolath, sometimes just an @rsehole!

I was born and grew up in London, and presently live in Kent, the garden of England. I'm 30, married to my best friend and have two young sons. I work in IT where amongst lots of other projects, I get to mess about with web design and solutions.

Christianity wasn't for me and, despite being forced to attend catholic mass at gunpoint every week, I never became a fully paid up member of the faithful. I used to get called 'The Omen' at school due to my long term obsession with studying the occult, my love of horror movies and probably my fondness for my own company.

These interests eventually led me to discover the writings of Anton LaVey and The Satanic Bible in particular. What I expected to be a treatise on 'devil worship', instead turned out to be a personal revelation and a major turning point in my life. I had always been satanic in attitude without realising it. The Satanic bible didn't change my life, but did give validity to it.

I created to try to dispel some of the misunderstandings and outright bullshit surrounding most people's perceptions of Satanism. It's not an attempt to justify it and it's not a vehicle for massaging my ego and making myself popular. I don't like people in general and the supposed obligations imposed by friendships make me feel uncomfortable. What did Jim Morrison sing? 'I need a brand new friend that doesn't need me'. That probably sums it up for me, so I'm not in it to expand my circle of friends.

I've done the New Wave thing, the Goth thing and the Headbanger thing and have now reached the point where I don't give a fuck what I listen to or what tribe you think I should belong to. My huge music collection runs from Bauhaus to Burt Bacharach, Sinatra to Slayer and all things in between. My only real hate musically is the teeny shit and mindless 'dance' rubbish that forms 99% of the UK charts nowadays.

My favourite movie is Blade Runner, my favourite drink is Jack Daniels and Coke (though I've recently developed a fondness for White Russians), my favourite season is Autumn, my favourite Teletubbie is Po and my favourite time is now.