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Satan and The Devil in World Religions, in the following sections:

Who is Satan? The Accuser and Scapegoat, in the following sections:

Satanism is More than Humanism

Devil Worship: 3. Righteous Satan Theologies

Righteous Satan Theologies: When Satan is Good

White Light Religions

Swasticross - The Cross and The Swastika

Christianity and Satanism are Completely Different Religions

Satanic Union of Gnostic Eidolon and Daemon using Belial

A List of Denominations of Satanism: 1. Types of Satanism

Satanism as a Mystery Religion

Satanism is a World-Affirming Religion, not a World-Renouncing One

Melton & Moore's 8 Religious Categories: Satanism's Position

Moojan Momen's 8 Pathways to Religious Experience: Categorizing Satanism

Gnosticism (1st-7th Century): The Birth of Christianity: 4. If God is an Imposter and the True God is Hidden, then who are your Friends? (Cain and Judas!)

The Evil One in Buddhism: Māra, the Buddhist Satan

The New Age and Satanism