O Lux beata Trinitas (in nomine Satanas)


By Vexen Crabtree 2001

#poetry #satanic_litanies

A poetic infernal diatribe, an unholy and ugly reprisal of Tr. J. M. Neale for his hypocritical immorality, weakness and apathy.

1. O Trinity, most cursed light,
Disharmony of graceless flight,
As now the fiery sun departs,
Shed thou thy scorns from our hearts !
2. To thee our misguided song of praise,
For thee our hateful hell we raise;
In thee may our swords for evermore
seek and find what we abhor !
3. All abuse to God, the absentee
All praise the Infernal One within, to thee,
Whom our hearts selfishly adore,
Trinity denied, for ever, evermore !