Equality, Egalitarianism and Social Stratification in Satanism


By Vexen Crabtree 2005

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Egalitarianism is the belief that everyone is equal. Satanism upholds the belief that everyone is not equal, but is otherwise broadly in sync with liberal opinions on social, moral and legal equality. People are not equal because everyone has different skills, characters and abilities. Social stratification and organized meritocracy let those with qualities rise to the top. Therefore there should be equality of opportunity, rights and legal equality, but not social or economic equality. Intellectualism aside, there is still an overriding humanitarian cause for protecting the weak, ill and disadvantaged.

1. People are Not Equal

People are not equal in any way, shape or form. Human Rights are truly worthwhile and valid, but, this still doesn't mean that everyone is equal nor that you have to treat them so. Socially and in terms of ability, no-one is equal to anyone else. Everyone is unique and that means that (according to the situation) everyone has different talent.

Not everyone can lead, not everyone can follow. Not everyone can physically defend themselves, and not everyone can entertain complicated theory. In different times and places people's different skills are brought to bear. It is the individual's job to find his natural position in society where he can be productive. It is society's job to help some of those who cannot perform in some areas. Each individual has weaknesses, and without society to protect us, many of our weaknesses would be fatal. Society is essential for stability and growth, even for people whose growth potential is truly greater than others.

Life is unfair, the elements and the universe do not accept that we have rights. You must give, create and develop yourself in society... there is no other way. The Alien Elite are those who can succeed where they want, according to their abilities, and who understand the role of society and culture around them, and still not be victims of this amoral system, but see and understand how it works.

"Satanism and Elitism: The Alien Elite: 3. Egalitarianism is False and Counterproductive" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

Stratification - The point on which all the others ultimately rest. There can be no more myth of "equality" for all - it only translates to "mediocrity" and supports the weak at the expense of the strong. Water must be allowed to seek its own level without interference from apologists for incompetence. No one should be protected from the effects of his own stupidity.

"Pentagonal Revisionism" Point One by Anton LaVey

2. Equality of Opportunity


Book CoverA commitment to equality [including economic and social equality] is in many respects the defining feature of socialist ideology, equality being the political value that most clearly distinguishes socialism from its rivals, notably liberalism and conservatism. Conservatives believe society to be naturally hierarchic, and therefore reject the idea of social equality as simply absurd. Liberals, however, are committed to equality, but on the grounds that all individuals are of equal moral worth and are therefore entitled to equal rights and respect. They are nevertheless born with very different talents and skills and are entitled to be rewarded accordingly: those who work hard and possess abilities deserve to be wealthier than those who do not. Liberals therefore favour equality of opportunity, but see no reason why this should, or will, lead to social and economic equality.

"Political Ideologies" by Andrew Heywood (2003)1

Not Conservatism
Conservatism is enticing with its strong insistence on a social hierarchy, which sounds like the same as Satanic "stratification" where "water finds its own level". Conservatisms proponents would, as quoted above, "believe society to be naturally hierarchic, and therefore reject the idea of social equality as simply absurd". This sounds like a perfect comparison to Satanic ideals. However, it is not. What comes with Conservatism is an abhorrent defence of social inequality based on class and tradition rather than one based on meritocracy. In the conservative model, institutions and people are at the top because they're born there, socially, simply because they exist, but with no reflection of their true worth. Conservative social stratification is closer to that Satanic Sin "empty posturing", whereas those at the top are lucky, rather than skilled, bloated with false claims rather than fine-tuned with social grace or talent. The conservative model of hierarchy is an opposite to the Satanic belief in individual power to choose their own position in life.

Not Socialism
Socialism, in its various forms, is far removed from Satanism in terms of its ideology on economic or social equality. The socialist approach to welfare - a full embrace - is anathema to Satanism. It creates and sustains an underclass of weaklings who survive on other's hard work and who lose motivation to improve themselves. This is social cancer; most socialist countries, and the UK can be placed in this category, suffer from an ever-growing welfare system that consumes ever-more resources.

Liberal equality is that we are all different, but everyone should be given equality of opportunity to become great. This is in accordance with Nietzsche's philosophy on superman and with Satanism's elitism. Meritocracy demands equality of opportunity: If good people still remain at the bottom, the social system is broken. If those with talents rise, it works. This is equality of opportunity. Also the other liberal value of moral equality holds that moral beliefs are relativistic and all as valid as anyone else's. It is a hands-off approach to morality; liberalism is accused of being morally neutral, because it is. And this suits Satanists, masters of their own worlds, fine.

3. Political Inequality


When the masses remain ignorant and stupid, plain democracy is impossible and meaningless. Hollow campaigns do not facilitate the honest voting on government activity. But the stratification of voting bias does not lead to equal votes. But equal votes is the problem, not the answer!. I would declare to all that people are not equal. What a stupid person thinks government should do is less important than what an intelligent person thinks. Unfortunately no system exists that can determine in what way a person needs to be "intelligent" in order for their vote to get a higher status. [...]

A form of stratification fixes the leaks that democracy springs when the masses are ignorant and stupid. The tested intelligent electorate should have two votes, the uneducated and inferior should only have one. The present culture in the UK is at such a level of education that democracy has become an empty shell, until education reaches a generally higher level stratification is the least problematic form of democracy. Better to have a functioning unequal democracy rather than a dysfunctional, hollow pseudo-democracy based on simplistic deceit. The former is a little like a meritocracy, whereas the latter is national suicide.

"Satanic Government and the Distrust of Human Nature" by Vexen Crabtree (2001)

4. Welfare

It is to humanity's benefit that we are capable of helping one another. There are benefits in protecting the weak, the disabled, the ill, and those who have injured themselves through effort such as sport. But there are many who hold that the weak should be allowed to die, or even be oppressed, because their survival is a detriment to the whole. This morality is one very close to the overpowering-state thesis of fascism, or the "community good at all costs" of totalitarian communism of Stalin-era Russia. The logic seems sound, but the result of putting this into action has, in history, without fail created monstrous regimes that have done no good for humanity. Therefore although I agree with the logic, in practice I find it too inhuman and too fraught with risk; the methods of this kind of filtering have always caused disaster, not emancipation from weak humans.

No matter what, however, those who are prone to stubborn and repeated stupid behaviour and do themselves harm on the basis of that, deserve little dedicated help. Those who cannot control themselves, who lack the willpower, to maintain healthy diets and habits, should pay the price for their own choices. Not only that, but it should be made clear that the behaviour is not going to be supported by society. Otherwise, there is simply no incentive to stop, and there will be a growing mass of untermensch who are happy to fall into gutters because they know society will care for them. No more!

Some argue that 'fairness' dictates that even those unlucky enough to be born with impractical personality traits should be looked after as if they deserved as much as those born with awesome personality traits. For whatever reason, through nature or nurture, it transpires that some people are useful, productive and worthy, whereas others are lost. Wasting resources on the lost is at the expense of the progress of everyone else. It is fitting to let the High Priest of the Church of Satan have the last word:

The idealistic fools may scream that it is not fair, but then, we Satanists know that justice is relative and only lasts as long as one has the power to maintain it, either personally or through an alliance with those who do. There is no exterior, superior 'Big Daddy,' or Karmic Laws, or 'Balancer of the Scales' to maintain some objective standard in the games played on this small planet.

"The Satanic Scriptures" by Peter Gilmore (2007)2,3