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The Nine Satanic Sins, in the following sections:

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, in the following sections:

Laws, Sins and Rules of Satanism: A Lack of Legalism, in the following sections:

Satanic Social Ethics and Teachings on Morality in Satanism, in the following sections:

Moojan Momen's 8 Pathways to Religious Experience: Categorizing Satanism: 1.2. Legalism (0/5)

In Germany, First They Came for the Jews. Martin Niemöller's Famous Poem.

What is the Relationship Between Satanism and Fascism?: 2.1. Social Stratification: Meritocracy is Good, Racism is Stupid

Satanism and Violence

Equality, Egalitarianism and Social Stratification in Satanism

Satanism and Elitism: The Alien Elite: 1.3. Responsibility to the Responsible

The Nine Satanic Statements

Sex and Sexuality in Satanism, the Religion of the Flesh

Stupidity is the Cardinal Sin of Satanism