Satanism: The Natural Religion

By Vexen Crabtree 2005


Satanism describes the world as it is. The cycle of life is violent, unfair, primal and only occasionally noble. The vastness of the universe humbles normal Human religions and endeavours, and Satanism represents the fact that the majority of existence is cold, dead and lifeless, and life on Earth is mostly about predator and prey, sex and determination.

1. Satanism: The Natural Religion

1.1. Universal Natural Evil

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There are millions of mammals on this planet. We are all on the top half of the food chain; under us are billions upon billions of subjected life forms from bacteria and mould to insects and fish. The higher up the food chain you are, the more multiples of creatures have died to provide you with sustenance. Nature is violent, amoral, uncaring, deadly and dangerous. Simple survival is not a luxury afforded to many creatures for very long.

Some theists argue that the reason there is suffering and pain is because of human free will. That we imperfect humans make imperfect choices. This reasoning must have seemed natural to pre-literate humankind in the days before we understood scientifically what the causes of natural disasters were. Natural disasters such as floods and volcanoes are caused by geological and physical processes, such as the movement of tectonic plates. Such things are far beyond the influence of human free will. Not only that, but natural disasters effect human beings indiscriminately - unborn babies lay amongst the victims, and have had no chance to exercise their free will. Animals and humans alike suffer as a result of natural evil. Such things have occurred for all of Earth's history. For example, the ten most catastrophic natural disasters caused by asteroid impacts all occurred before mankind was around1 and each one resulted in a massive loss of animal life, undoubtedly involving much animal suffering. Not only that, but the Moon, Mars and most other planets and large moons are covered in craters too. The entire universe has always been steeped in large-scale destruction and violence, right from the beginning. It is not true that such natural disasters have anything to do with mankind's endeavours. There is no 'good' design behind it all, and the existence of universal natural evil and indiscriminate suffering indicates that there is no good god.

"Natural Evil such as Earthquakes: Evidence That God is Not Good" by Vexen Crabtree (2007)

Nearly all species rely on the death of other species in order to stay alive and propagate, and not merely the obvious suite of carnivores and parasites: the entire ecosystem requires continual culling in order to function. See: "The Food Chain: The Design of Earth's Food Chain is Evil" by Vexen Crabtree (2007).

What religion, in the name of truth and honesty, reflects the violence and desperation of the natural life? What religion upholds the symbols that nod a head to the sacrifices of brutal reality? Real life, below the surface of our noble conscious existence, is so immoral, short, pained and traumatic that not many face it. They turn away and look towards distracting figureheads of love and happiness. They deceive themselves. Real life; the life of the world, is not often represented or illuminated by religious texts or preachers. People want religion to be an escape from the truth. Satanism is not a religion for such people.

1.2. The Dark Force In Nature

Satanism upholds Satan as the 'dark force in nature'. This isn't to say that there is a good force and a dark force. Nor does nature have a mysterious consciousness or intention. The dark force is nature and the natural world, complete with all the large-scale destruction and endless swathes of deathly cold space. Death, galactic collisions, black holes and other destructive forces are the same forces that very occasionally allow life to prosper. Life is part of the cycle of death, and death always wins. It must be correct to describe the natural world as 'dark' and even 'evil'. The Dark Force as seen by a Satanist cannot be avoided, tamed, ignored or resisted. The cycle of life and death, feeding and competing, requires constant sacrifice, all part of the natural system of the world. If there was a grand designer, it was evil.

1.3. The Old Religion

They say that the oldest trade is prostitution. Only the bravest or most naive anthropologists would disagree. Likewise the oldest religious principles of the world have nothing to do with hugging trees, lighting candles, chanting in harmony with one-another or admiring beautiful sunsets. All of these are the blind human artefacts of dishonest distractions. The oldest religion of the natural world is reproduction, feeding and territory.

Those who claim that their religion is natural truth or "old", must surely include in their reverence of all things green the blood and strife of natural life. To be in harmony with nature is not to be in a pleasant place at all! Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, summarizes that Humanity, with its great power and understanding that is frequently turned into tools of war and hate, has not deviated from the plan of the natural world, but expresses it in an advanced form!:

Book CoverSatan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all!

Anton LaVey
Number 7 of the 9 Satanic Statements

Donna Black, a witch behind the United Kingdom's Satanic magazine, "Rule Satannia", despairs at the ignorance of modern-era religionists:

Do they ever stop to consider what living in harmony with nature actually means? It means survival of the fittest, death to the weak, live and let die, kill or be killed. This is all very admirable but you won't find a Wiccan or Pagan who practices it. Living in harmony with nature does not mean collecting crystals, chanting to the goddess and lighting candles to heal the earth. Nature isn't all love, peace and baby animals. Nature is birth, sex, death, instincts, survival, predator and prey. It is fangs, flesh and fucking.

"On The New Age" by Donna Black

2. Satanism: The Unnatural Religion

2.1. All Human Development is an Altar of Satanism

The Human species survives on the unnatural: Technology, science, understanding and knowledge (the four biggest threats to religion!) have turned our existence into a frivolous and headstrong rollercoaster ride completely divorced from the realities of the food chain. We are cut off from nature, and we should be rightfully thankful for it, too!

But we can only be thankful for our privileged position on Earth if we first understand and admit; even revere, the fact that the natural world is violent, aggressive, and dangerous, and that we are the cream of the crop.

Nothing resists. Nothing can resist the force that drags man into conflict. [...] It is worked out from maggots unto man the universal law of the violent destruction of living beings. The whole Earth continually steeped in blood is nothing but an immense altar on which every living thing must be sacrificed without end. Without constraint. Without remorse. Until the consummation of the world, the extinction of evil and the death of death.

The Electric Hellfire Club

Our enlightened sciences and our religious zealots do well to remember that all our accomplishments are a slap in the face of all the lower species. A sombre altar to truth would include symbols of blood, struggle, love and violence. Only species that sit atop this carnage have the peace of mind to devote time to philosophical questions and love. Only as a result of bloodshed and violence can the higher species enjoy their most noble emotions and concepts. Only upon an unholy altar of pain and sacrifice can sit the values of intelligence, love, compassion and sorrow. Only at the top of the food chain can we look down and judge life, and feel superior because of our "understanding" of the world! Only a hypocrite can talk about love, and not also revere the death and sacrifices that go on in nature in order to provide us with food! All should hail Satan and take a moment to reflect on the cold realities of life: Fangs, Flesh and Fucking are the three pillars of all goodness and to deny them prominence is to embody self-deception and wishful thinking.

2.2. Embrace Life

Book CoverIs there a contradiction between the productive and motivated lives of Satanists, and the cold, morbid truths that Satan represents? The two go hand in hand. Richard Dawkins makes an excellent comparison between a medical doctor and a moralist. The situation is that Dawkins' book, the selfish gene "extol the inescapable factual correctness of [the amorality of nature]. If you seem to smell inconsistency or even contradiction, you are mistaken. There is no inconsistency in favouring Darwinism as an academic scientist while opposing it as a human being; any more than there is inconsistency in explaining cancer as an academic doctor while fighting it as a practising one. For good Darwinian reasons, evolution gave us a brain whose size increased to the point where it became capable of understanding its own provenance, of deploring the moral implications and of fighting against them"2.

As a Satanist we rightly point out that reality is best represented with a symbol of death (as all life dies), evil (as nature is violent and all benevolence comes from materialism), that the weak are dominated by the strong etc, but just because we point out that this is the way the world is, does not mean that we automatically think it is how the world should be. Indeed, in admitting the prominence of death, we reinforce our own joy at being alive and therefore our religion is anti-natural, unnatural. We are moral, social beings who can consciously understand our own biology and impulses and control them; thereby changing the amoral course of nature.

Satanism is also an unnatural religion, rebelling as it does against the unthinking automatons of nature, and rebelling against death by enjoying life. The Natural Religion ends, and the Unnatural Religion continues! Hail Satan!