A Holey Man

By Vexen Crabtree 2002

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#good_and_evil #poetry #religion

  1. In the fields history sows seeds
    Everything I have ever known
    The Jinn yield to all of our needs
    is gone.

  2. Hollow man
    I can defeat myself if I become
    A hollow man.

  3. War on yourself to exorcise
    All of the passions I have known
    Darkness shelved embrace the skies
    have passed.

  4. Hollow man
    My desires are holy only when I'm
    A hollow man.

  5. I cast primeval thoughts aside
    Humanity becomes unknown
    Not facing evil within, I hide
    to me.

  6. Heartless man
    I can defeat my evil if I am
    A heartless man.

  7. I will not reep my own rewards
    All of my past is now unknown
    To be a sheep to be the Lord's
    and dead.

  8. Heartless man
    My desires do not tempt me I am
    a lifeless man.

A diatribe against abstinence, asceticism and those who seek to attain that Good Guy Badge. Separating self into good and evil, then striving for good in order to nullify Earthly or primeval feelings is only successful if you turn yourself into a hollow, empty person with no desire or passion. Failure to accept our (demonic/carnal/evil) nature when we reject our own history/seeds means we will never reap the rewards of our life.

Current edition: 2002 Oct 03
Parent page: Unforgiving Circumstances: Poetry and Artwork

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#good_and_evil #poetry #religion

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