Let those curtains of delusion fall!

By Vexen Crabtree 2014

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There aint no such thing as demons, ghosts and gods.
But there are symbols, signs, stories and stars.
It is true all those things look beautiful and grand
so I should probably tell you why it is
that I shun those pretentions, and stand with the damned.

The Universe is a hostile and unforgiving place.
The final frontier, well, we are not yet that bold.
Destruction, darkness, distance and endless space,
full of eternal nothing, blackness and cold.

And life on Earth is hardly less troublesome.
Nature's not into crystals and beads and huggin'.
The lie of the land is all predator and prey.
Nature's only for the effs of fangs, food 'n fuckin'.

To kill for food is for most life the only path and road.
The designer of this world was driven hard and devious.
It's not the grand plan of a good god in a flowing robe
but the food chain is the wild scheme of an evil genius.

There is one universal bad guy who can best represent
the struggle and the angst which appears everywhere.
It is not a figure that you turn to to repent,
it's a shadowy depth that embodies all despair.

Dressed in a mantle of strength and survival,
I know the glitter on the walls and skies are mirages.
So I hail the most accurate but foreboding idol
and I carry that banner high in pursuit of all my causes.

It is Leviathan, Belial, Lucifer that stand unshaken.
In those dangerous demons you describe the cosmos well.
With the cloven hoofed monster, horned, mighty Satan,
together they make up the Four Crown Princes of Hell.

So let those curtains of delusion fall!
The truth is that death always wins.
Learn to avoid the glaring brightness of the white.
Because when are you standing in the shade you see all
and can spy upon both the dark and the light.

Hail Satan!

Current edition: 2014 Oct 22
Parent page: The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism

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#poetry #satanic_litanies #satanism

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